Information on Compensation for Victims of the Occupation Period

Victims of the German occupation of Denmark and their surviving dependants qualify for compensation if they are covered by the Danish Act on Compensation for Victims of the Occupation Period.

It is Labour Market Insurance (Arbejds­markedets Erhvervssikring) who makes decisions under the Act.

Victims of the occupation period are first and foremost Danish citizens who, during the German occupation of Denmark,

  • were deported to prisons or concentration camps abroad, or
  • were on active service for at least 6 months on Danish or foreign vessels under Allied control in waters affected by the war, or
  • were actively engaged, for at least 1 year, in such organised resistance activities in this country as involved particularly hard physical or mental stresses, or
  • sailed on Faroese fishing or similar vessels in waters affected by the war for at least 6 months, with a view to providing war supplies to Allied ports outside the Faroe Islands.

The benefits are invalidity compensation, national award, reimbursement of expenses for medical care etc., funeral grant, and survivor’s compensation.

Invalidity compensation

The amount of the compensation depends on the invalidity percentage and earnings.

The Act provides a maximum limit for the invalidity compensation. If the invalidity compensation and other earnings, added together, exceed a certain maximum, the compensation is reduced and may even lapse.  We refer to our website for the current rates.

After the first 2 years’ payments, against the background of earnings information gathered for 2 years back, the compensation payments are forward adjusted on 1st April each year.

Labour Market Insurance disburses the compensation on the last bank day of each month. The compensation is paid in advance. The amount paid into the account on the last bank day of, for instance, the month of January is the compensation for February.

Invalidity compensation is payable for life.

If you live or later move abroad, it is of no consequence for the invalidity compensation.

For compensation recipients living in Denmark, normal income tax is payable.

For recipients living abroad there are various taxation agreements between Denmark and other countries. Please apply to Labour Market Insurance for more information.

If your health deteriorates, you may apply to us for an increase in your invalidity percentage.

National award

The national award is exempt from tax and is disbursed quarterly by Udbetaling Danmark, Tjenestemandspension.

The national award is payable for life.

If you live or later move abroad, it is of no consequence for the national award.

If you receive a national award, but no compensation, you may apply to Labour Market Insurance for compensation.

Medical care etc.

If you receive invalidity compensation, you may get reimbursement of net expenses for prescrip­tion medicine, dentist treatment, aids, physiotherapy etc., provided the treatment or acquisition was caused by the disease entitling you to invalidity compensation.

We only reimburse invoices/receipts which are sent to us as originals. Any subsidies from the health insurance company “danmark” are set off (i.e., are not reimbursed).

If the costs for medical treatment are sub­stantial, you need to ask Labour Market Insurance, if possible, and prior to commencement of the treatment, about the chances of reimbursement. For major dental work it is a prerequisite – prior to commencement of the treatment – that you send a rough estimate from the dentist to Labour Market Insurance for prior approval.

We do not, for example, reimburse

  • expenses for routine checks or cleaning of teeth
  • expenses for glasses that are necessary due to normal old-age deterioration
  • expenses for treatment in a private hospital (as all diseases can be treated in the public healthcare system)

Death and funeral grant

Labour Market Insurance must be notified when the person entitled to compensation dies.

When Labour Market Insurance is notified of a death, compensation payments to the person in question are stopped.

The invalidity compensation lapses from the end of the month when the death occurs.

The national award lapses from the end of the quarter when the death occurs.

If the deceased is survived by a spouse, we pay the funeral grant to the spouse.

If there is no surviving spouse, the funeral grant will be paid to the estate.

The funeral grant is adjusted once a year. See our website for the current rate of the funeral grant.

Compensation and national award to surviving dependants (widows, widowers, and cohabiting partners)

A surviving dependant may be granted a monthly compensation amount and a national award. See our separate survivor’s leaflet for further conditions and information.

As the case processing by Labour Market Insurance depends on information from other authorities, it may take several months from notification of the death till a decision is made.

When compensation is granted to a surviving dependant, there may be an amount owing to the person in question, from the first day of the month following the death, till the monthly payments of the survivor’s compensation begin. If the deceased was a civil servant, the payment will only begin 3 months after the death.

The Act provides a maximum limit for compensation to surviving dependants. See our website for more information.

Also survivors’ compensation payments are forward adjusted each year on 1st April against the background of obtained income information.

If the survivor’s monthly benefit, added to the survivor’s other income, exceeds a certain maximum on an annual basis, the monthly compensation payment will be index adjusted so that the total annual earnings do not exceed the maximum amount. See our website for the current rate for the maximum amount.

The compensation is paid out in advance (as for taxation of the compensation amount, see above under invalidity compensation). Compensation and maximum income amounts are adjusted once a year on 1st April.

Compensation for surviving dependants and the national award are payable for life, provided the conditions are met.

The survivor’s compensation may lapse if the surviving spouse remarries. The national award does not lapse on the contracting of a new marriage. A surviving dependant is not entitled to reimbursement of costs for prescription medicine, dentist treatment, eyeglasses, and aids.

The survivor’s compensation lapses from the end of the month when the surviving dependant dies. The national award lapses from the end of the quarter in which the surviving dependant dies.

Power of attorney

If you want someone else to help you with the case, there is a choice between two types of power of attorney. One grants full access to act in connection with the whole case and another grants limited power of attorney with regard to a specific task.

It is possible to revoke the power of attorney any time.

Access to documents

It is possible to apply for access to documents. In principle you may opt to get full access to your own case with regard to information about yourself. Relatives or others need a valid power of attorney in order to be granted access to documents.

Statements – 4th May colleges

Children and grandchildren of a person who was originally recognised under the Act may get a statement from Labour Market Insurance for the purposes of applying for student accommodation in a 4th May college.

How to complain

It is always possible to complain of our decisions to the National Social Appeals Board (Ankestyrelsen). This must happen within 4 weeks from receipt of the decision letter. 

General information

Unlawfully received compensation payments and national awards must be paid back.

Persons who, during the German occupation of Denmark, behaved in a way that was nationally disgraceful, are excluded from any benefits under the Act. This includes surviving dependants.

More information

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information about possibilities, rights and obligation under the Act.

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