About Labour Market Insurance

Labour Market Insurance, who are we?

Labour Market Insurance (AES) is a part of the ATP (Labour Market Supplementary Pension). Our most important task is to make impartial and correct decisions under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Every year, Labour Market Insurance handles about 60,000 claims where people have been injured or become sick in the workplace.

We handle workers’ compensation claims

Labour Market Insurance gathers and assesses all relevant information required for the processing of a workers’ compensation claim. We cooperate with doctors, insurance companies, local authorities, trade unions, and lawyers in order to gather information. We do this in order to ensure that we get the best possible knowledge on which to base the decision.  

We decide if your injury or disease is an industrial injury according to the rules. This means, for instance, that there has to be a link between your injury or disease and the work you have done.

Even if you have an injury or are sick, your claim may be turned down. This does not mean that we doubt your injury or illness. But it means that your injury does not meet the requirements set out in the Workers’ Compensation Act.

When your injury or disease qualifies for recognition as an industrial injury, it is also up to us to decide if you are entitled to compensation, the type of compensation you are entitled to, and the amount of the compensation. Your compensation is paid out by your employer’s insurance company or by us.

Labour Market Insurance also handles private compensation claims where, for instance, a person has sustained an injury in their free time. Here we may be asked to issue a guiding statement on the claim. We also handle other types of cases, for instance cases regarding compensation for victims of the occupation period (World War II).

We used to be the National Board of Industrial Injuries (Arbejdsskadestyrelsen)

Labour Market Insurance (AES) was established on 1st July 2016 and is a merger of the previous Arbejdsskadestyrelsen (National Board of Industrial Injuries) and parts of the previous Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssygdomssikring (Labour Market Occupational Diseases Fund).

We perform the tasks of the previous Arbejdsskadestyrelsen. In addition, we perform the tasks of payment of compensation for occupational diseases and we collect AES contributions from employers via the facility Samlet Betaling.