Private compensation claims

A private compensation claim is a claim where Labour Market Insurance is asked to make a statement on the consequences of a private personal injury.

Private personal injuries are injuries that mainly occur in your free time, for instance road accidents or cases of violence. In such cases you will typically be covered by an accident insurance policy.

Labour Market Insurance gets involved in private compensation claims when for instance a lawyer or an insurance company asks Labour Market Insurance to make an impartial statement on the health and occupational consequences of an injury.

An injury that occurs in your free time can also be an industrial injury

Even if an injury occurs in your free time, it may in some cases entitle you to compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

You may be entitled to compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act if you are injured, for instance, in connection with saving human lives, doing friends a favour, or working abroad.

If an injury entitles you to compensation under the Workers’ Compensation Act, it will be handled as an industrial injury, which means that the injury also has to be reported as an industrial injury.