How to request a statement

All parties to a case can ask Labour Market Insurance to make a statement.

The parties to a case are usually the insurance company and the injured person. There is no requirement for the injured person and the insurance company, or the person causing the injury, to agree with the request.

A fee is charged for making a guiding statement.

If, during the processing of the claim, there are expenses for e.g. medical specialist’s certificates, such expenses are to be paid by the person who requested the statement. Therefore it may be a good idea to ask the insurance company to ask for the statement.

A request needs to be sent to Labour Market Insurance. We request that you follow the guide to submitting private compensation claims. This enables us to process the case more quickly.

The right to charge a fee for a guiding statement is set out in the Consolidated Workers’ Compensation Act, section 81. It appears from section 3 that the Managing Director of Labour Market Insurance determines the amount to be charged.

In principle we process one issue per statement. If an assessment is requested on the basis of several different prerequisites, Labour Market Insurance will decide, on the basis of a concrete assessment, if this results in charging a separate fee for a new case.