Why is Labour Market Insurance involved in my private insurance case?

If you hear from Labour Market Insurance in connection with an injury that occurred in your free time, then this is very likely because Labour Market Insurance has been asked to make a statement on the consequences of your injury.

In most cases a lawyer or an insurance company has asked Labour Market Insurance to examine a case if they find it hard to assess the consequences of an injury themselves.

An insurance company can anytime ask us to make a guiding statement on the consequences of an injury covered by a private accident policy.

Also, if there is disagreement about the consequences of an injury, for instance between an insurance company and an injured person, they can ask us for a statement as well.

Our statements are in principle guiding and cannot be subject to appeal. If the parties disagree with a statement, they may choose to bring the case before a court of law.

When asked to make a statement on the consequences in a private injury case, we gather information on the injury. Therefore we may contact one or more of the parties involved.