Handling of personal data

Find information about what you, as employer, need to do with regard to personal data and workers’ compensation claims.

When you as employer report an accident at work, you must pass personal data to Labour Market Insurance (AES).

For as an employer you have a duty to report an accident at work within the time limits of the Workers’ Compensation Act and to contribute information in connection with the workers’ compensation claim.

What information do you have to pass?

When reporting an accident at work via EASY, you need to pass information about the accident, including information about who has been injured and how.

Also, as an employer, it is your duty to send AES the information we ask for in connection with the workers’ compensation claim.

This information will typically be:

  • Employment contracts
  • Information about sick leaves
  • Information about wages/salaries

If you have already sent it to us once, we register the information and do not expect you to keep storing it.

What information do we not ask you for? 

AES not only gathers information from the employer, but also from others.  

AES not only gathers information from the employer, but also from others.

This may for instance be:

  • Information from a local authority
  • Medical information

Therefore we do not expect employers to store this information.

For how long do you need to store information about workers’ compensation claims?

AES processes the claim on the basis of accessible information and does not demand that you, as the employer, store information about your employees for any specific period of time.

For how long you keep the information is up to your concrete assessment as an employer. It also depends on the rules that apply, for instance in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Do you need a data processing agreement with Labour Market Insurance (AES)?

Even though you send information about your employees to AES, you do not have to sign a data processing agreement with us.  

As an employer you are data responsible for the personal data about employees which you have and pass to AES when reporting the claim.

AES is data responsible for the personal data we receive from employers as we are obligated to receive the information as an element of our processing of workers’ compensation claims.

There is no need for two data responsible persons to enter into a data processing agreement.

Only in cases where one party acts as data processor for the other is a data processing agreement required.

For how long does AES store personal data?

AES stores information about injured persons in accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act as well as the Danish legislation on limitation and archives.