Have you been injured in the work place?

Industrial injuries – the most important steps 

  • The injury is reported
  • Is the injury an industrial injury?
  • What type of compensation can you expect?
  • The decision
  • How to complain
  • Resumption

Here you can read about the rules that apply if you were injured in accidents that occurred on or later than 1st January 2004 and for occupational disease reported after 1st January 2005.

If you were injured in an accident before 1st January 2004 or reported a disease before 1st January 2005, other rules apply.

Who reports an industrial injury?

Normally your employer, doctor, or dentist will report an industrial injury. You can also report an industrial injury yourself by contacting your employer’s insurance company or us.

Special circumstances where citizens can report an industrial injury themselves

There may be situations where citizens have to report an industrial injury themselves, for example

  • If the employer does not wish to report the injury
  • If the employer no longer exists
  • If the employer has gone bankrupt

You can use one of our claim forms below. You need to fill in the form on the computer, print it, and send it to the Labour Market Insurance (AES)

If your trade union helps you, they can report the injury digitally on your behalf. 

Once an injury has been reported, you will get a receipt. If you do not get any receipt, you should contact us, your employer, or your doctor to check that the claim form has been sent.

Claims processing

Our claims processing begins when we receive the claim form. In 2018 the average claims processing time for workers’ compensation claims was 8 months.


Once we have processed your claim, you will get a comprehensive decision. In the decision letter we explain if we have recognised your injury as an industrial injury and if the injury entitles you to compensation.

What is an industrial injury?

If you have been injured in the workplace, your injury is probably an industrial injury. If your injury is an industrial injury, you are entitled to reimbursement of the necessary treatment expenses and perhaps compensation for permanent injury or loss of earning capacity.

How to complain

You are allowed to complain of all the decisions we make on your claim.

Information to surviving dependants

We also offer information to surviving dependants of a person who has died because of an industrial injury.

Employers and self-employed persons

Employers can read about the rules for reporting industrial injuries and for taking out insurance.

If you are self-employed, you can read about the rules applying to you and your options with regard to taking out a workers’ compensation policy.