Quick overview - The most important steps

Here you can see the processing of a workers’ compensation claim.

1. How to report an industrial injury

In most cases you do not have to report an industrial injury yourself. This is because your employer, your GP or dentist has a duty to report the injury on your behalf.
If you want to, you can also report an industrial injury yourself.

Once it has been reported, the way we handle your claim depends on whether your injury is the result of an accident or a disease.

2. Is the injury an industrial injury?

When we receive a claim, what we do first is to examine if your injury is an industrial injury – that is, if the injury or disease qualifies for recognition as an industrial injury under the Danish Workers’ Compensation Act.

If the injury does not qualify for recognition under the Workers’ Compensation Act, you will not get any industrial injuries compensation.

3. What kind of compensation can you expect

If your injury qualifies for recognition under the Workers’ Compensation Act, we will examine if you are entitled to compensation.

The Workers’ Compensation Act offers several different types of compensation. 

If your injury causes permanent complaints, you can get compensation for permanent injury.

If the injury reduces your possibilities of earning money through work, you can get compensation for loss of earning capacity.

The Workers’ Compensation Act also offers reimbursement of expenses for treatment, medicine and aids. You can also get reimbursement of expenses while the case is pending.

There are also expenses that are not covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act. For instance: Compensation for lost earnings, compensation for pain and suffering, and compensation for tort.

4. How to complain

You are allowed to complain of all the decisions we make in connection with your claim. 

There is a 4-week time limit for complaining.

5. Resumption

You can ask us any time to resume processing of your claim.

You can ask us to resume a claim if new information has come up, for instance that you are feeling worse or that your earned income has changed.

The rules for resumption vary, depending on the part of the case that you want us to resume.