Compensation for permanent injury

You can get compensation for permanent injury due to nuisances in your day-to-day life caused by an industrial injury.

In order for you to get compensation your complaints have to be permanent. You cannot get compensation for temporary complaints.

In order to get compensation the following requirements have to be met:

  1. Your injury must have been recognised as an industrial injury under the Workers’ Compensation Act. This means that your injury must have been recognised as an accident or occupational disease.
  2. Your condition must be permanent. This means that the effects of the injury will not improve. Usually this can only be cleared up 3-12 months after the date of the injury.
  3. There has to be a permanent injury. This means that you must have complaints and nuisances as a consequence of the injury.
  4. The permanent injury must be at least 5 per cent.

When assessing your permanent injury, we will often refer you to your GP or a medical specialist, who will write a report on the effects of your injury. When we receive the medical certificate, we usually let one of our medical consultants read it and make an assessment of your permanent injury.

We rate your permanent injury on the basis of our guiding permanent-injury rating list or on the basis of an estimate in case your injury does not appear from the list.

Every year we determine a new amount of compensation for permanent injury. In 2023 a 100 per cent permanent-injury rating is equivalent to a compensation of DKK 979,000.

This means that, with a permanent-injury rating of 5 per cent, which is the lowest rating entitling you to compensation, you will receive DKK 48,950.