Different rules apply to resumption, depending on the part of the case you want us to resume. The three main areas are:

This is how you apply for resumption of your claim

You can ask us to resume your claim by way of a letter, by phoning us, or by sending us an email.

When you ask for resumption, it is important that you explain what the new information is or what are the errors or omissions in the decision letter. New information can for instance be that you have been examined by a medical specialist who established an aggravation of your condition. If you do not point out that there is new information, we will not resume the claim.


All claims are subject to a general limitation of 30 years.

How to complain

If we resume your claim, we will make a new decision. You have the option to complain of the decision. If we refuse to resume your claim, you may complain of this.

In some cases we may resume your case on our own initiative. If this happens, you cannot complain about us doing this, but you can still complain of the decision we make in connection with resuming your claim.