Resumption of a claim that was turned down

If we are to resume a claim we have previously turned down, we need to receive new information that helps clarify the question of whether to recognise the claim.

If we receive new information, we will resume the claim and examine if it qualifies for recognition against the background of the new information.

5-year time limit

There is a 5-year time limit for applying for resumption of a claim that has been turned down. The 5-year time limit cannot be disregarded when the question to be resumed pertains to recognition.

However, if the 5-year time limit has expired, it is still possible to have a claim resumed if there are errors or omissions in the previous decision letter 

The 5-year time limit and occupational diseases

The 5-year time limit does not apply if your occupational disease was turned down because it was not on the list at the time but was included on the list later on.