Has your industrial injury been reported?

We advise you to check that your industrial injury has been reported. This is because you may risk having your claim turned down, and thereby losing your compensation, if either we or your insurance company do not receive the claim within one year.

Who reports an industrial injury?

If you have had an accident in the workplace, your employer has a duty to report it to their insurance company. This duty does not extend to trifle injuries, such as bruises.

In the same way, your doctor or dentist has a duty to report the claim to us and to the Working Environment Authority if he/she believes that you have developed a disease due to your work.

When will I know about the reported claim?

When the insurance company or the doctor  reports the injury to us, you will receive a letter within 5 days so that you know your claim has been reported to us.

At the same time your employer’s insurance company will often contact you after a short while to get more information.

Do you want to make sure that your injury has been reported?

  • If it is an accident, you can call your employer’s insurers and make sure that hey have received the claim form
  • If it is an occupational diseases, you can call us – See contact information